Friday, October 16, 2009

OMG I really did quit

I wanted to wait about a month before I thought it was really official. I did quit WoW this time. Finally too many things about Wow made me unhappy and it was time. I guess I could list all those things, but I have complained about so many things already, and nobody is very fun when they just go on complaining. I estimate I may(50/50 chance probably) play again after the Cataclysm launch, and after it has been out awhile, debugged, balanced, and the stuff that should have been added at launch is finally added. Then, maybe.
The downside is that sometimes I am really bored and it would be fun to play. The upside is the feeling of a burden off my shoulders, the feeling that I need to make progress every day, even if it's just making some money. I would not say that I get much more done in RL now. I would say that I get more sleep. I know that they say there is no rest for the wicked, but I am tired of beeing wicked and I am glad to get the sleep.
I think I can live without the Onyxia pet and penguin pet that will come in the mail if I am playing. I have retired with lvl 80 druid "Yaggle", lvl 80 hunter "Mourndarr", and lvl 50 paladin "Mysharra" on U.S. Cenarion Circle server. I am happy how I have left these 3 incarnations of myself and I feel that they will live forever in Elysium. (or wherever). Over and out.

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