Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Wow Goldmaking

I wouldn't call myself a "goblin" as far as gold making. I am not interested in making huge gold profits and storing more than 100k gold. But I am interested in having enough gold that I can invest in something if I want to, take some chances without worrying, and buy something nice once in awhile, also. In Wrath, I had gotten up to 23k gold, but late in the game, I spent about half of it trying to get a new character ready for raiding. However, my guild had a bunch of drama, and basically I showed up for a couple of raids, one that failed, one that got cancelled, and it turned out to be an unwise use of money. So I started Cataclysm with maybe 12k, can't remember exactly, it might have even been a little less than that.
My goal in Cataclysm was to slowly accumulate gold, not to make huge amounts quickly, but to be diligent in doing things to earn gold and to not waste gold. So first things first, I did all the quests with 3 characters, from Mt. Hyjal through Twilight Highlands. I only bought any weapons or armor on the auction house if they were "steals", and I made sure to sell any blues I got instead of keep them. I made sure to farm materials with my professions as I leveled and sell the excess in the auction house. The profession I have concentrated on, outside of that, for gold making is tailoring. I make the 26-slot bags every couple of weeks and sell for about 4k, I also use potions of treasure finding and farm the tiny treasure chests along with embersilk on the coast in TWilight Highlands. I probably average an embersilk bag sale a day at an average of 300g. Also I do dragonmaw and therazane dailies at least up to exalted with each character. My last level 85, a blood elf warrior, is an herbalist/alchemist, so when I do Twilight Highlands dailies, I make sure to farm a few stacks of twilight jasmine while I am there and sell a stack of mythical healing potions for about 350g. Other than that, I have invested in pyrite ore, hoping it will end up yielding purple gems to jewelcrafters and the price will go much higher. I have about 200 stacks of pyrite ore waiting in the bank, as well as 20 truegold, and transmuting another truegold each day. Hopefully the price on that will go up also after patch 4.2 comes out and all the blacksmiths need it for new recipes. Lastly I am making hardened elementium as there are blacksmithers buying it up ahead of said 4.2 recipes. I will continue to sell that after 4.2 comes out unless I run out of elementium and get tired of farming it. I was up to 40k gold cash plus my investments however I did buy my warrior the crafted epic shield and a soul blade. A bit of an indulgence however I felt I have earned it and am earning it by doing well at making gold and investing well. My goal is to get over 50k as a minimum and (maybe) get up to 100k before I am done playing Cataclysm.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay by the minute

Blizzard should stop charging by the month and start charging by the minute. Somebody who plays 4-5 hours a day, does their stuff, and logs out, will pay around 15 bucks a month. Somebody in China who runs the account 24/7 with farmers/bots will pay 5 times as much since they are online on that account 5 times as many hours. Somebody married with children who can only play 2 hours a day will pay less than $10/month. Also, the more time Wow is down for maintenance and patches, the less money they make. So they will hurry and get things up again. Players will think before going afk and making everybody else wait for them, which they won't, since they are paying by the minute, too.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New computer!

Eh. I'm building my own computer for the first time. Reason I say "Eh." is that right now I have an empty computer case, power supply, motherboard, 8GB memory, and a video card in a box sitting on my 2 sofas in my living room. I'm using the hard drives and DVDRW from this one(computer). And I'm just tired and irritated from working too much lately so I don't feel like dealing with it. I am super-excited, though, also, just got to get in the right mood to do the job and get it up and running. I think I have everything I need, and I made preliminary inspection of the parts, I do believe I ordered correctly and everything is going to snap into place and work just fine.
I'm only slightly annoyed that after buying the things, newegg made a "build your own computer sale" and the price of the memory and oem windows 7 went down, but I did get a good price on the AMD Phenom II quad-core ($120) and gtx460 video card($150). Other prices I paid was only $50 for the case, $78 for the memory, $65 for the power supply, $80 for the motherboard. Oh yeah and $100 for Windows 7. Everything was no tax and free shipping except the motherboard, paid 7 or 8 bucks to ship that.
I still owe a lot on my credit cards that I am trying to pay off, so that is the reason I am being cheap with how much I spend on it and building it myself. Also I worked a couple extra days the past few weeks, and I paid 2 years at a time last June for my car registration, and get 5 paydays this month, so this seemed to me like the month to do this. Hopefully in a few days I will post a reply to this saying that I love it so much, etc.....

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