Sunday, April 24, 2011

Youtube site

I have a Youtube site with some World of Warcraft movies I made at I'm not saying they're great, or even they're good, I am just saying the Yaggle that does this blog is the same Yaggle that has that Youtube site. I figure everything else gets stolen online, I had better lay my claim to my own site before somebody else does.
Plus there is a link from there to here, so there probably should be a link from here to there.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tanking is stupid

You need to kill something, you need to damage it. Well, if you are going up against something really nasty, you want to wear armor to protect yourself, right? The idea of "tanking" something in a role-playing game is pretty stupid. Anybody going up against a fire-breathing dragon is fair game and could get killed. Besides, dragons are smart, so they're going to go after the guy firing magic missiles at them, maybe. But the problem is, you can't protect the mage, can't keep him alive long enough. The dragon has to attack the "tank". Sure, okay. But the mage, as well as the priest, and the rogue, and the hunter,shaman,druid, etc. can't be getting hit because they will die. They will die because they can't use the best armor. Well, there's the problem. Who decided that? Just because Gary Gygax said that the magic-users can't wear plate mail, well screw him and the horse he rode in on. You think about it. You can cast a spell. You're going to fight a dragon. You're going to wear more than a bathrobe and a magic ring. You will find a way to make it happen. Wizards could wear armor in Michael Moorcock's books, and it made sense. My MMORPG should make sense, too. No more tanking. Everybody wears lots of armor. The warrior may have more stamina, but the wizard might have a ring of +5 protection and better saving throws. Who the hell knows, but stop with these weird and stupid rules where one player cons the boss mob into only attacking him(or her).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hunter skinners are poachers

In connection with my last post, from a RP perspective, one reason I was starting to hate my hunter that I deleted, was that he was a poacher. Being a hunter and a skinner means that the awful truth is I shot and killed thousands of wild animals. I just could not do it any more. The irony is, hunters have animals as pets and supposedly take care of them. Well, I read a story about a year ago about a woman who loves animals that married a trapper. He killed a bunch of coyotes and brought home a young coyote that he did not kill, so she raised it as a pet. I do not want to be that guy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lv 85 deleted

I deleted my oldest character today, a lvl 85 hunter. I had 2 lvl 85 hunters, so I deleted one. He was my leatherworker, however, other than that he was unnecessary. And I have been more and more dissatisfied with leatherworking in WoW. I know it could be said, "Why delete? What harm does it do to leave the character alone?". It is hard for me to answer this logically. A character in a RP game often is more than just stats and abilities. It is an extension of yourself, or a particular aspect of yourself. I did not wish to pursue this aspect any longer. All characters are a project, and I do not wish to leave uncompleted projects lying around that I no longer wish to work on. It is so easy to level a character now anyways, that if I wanted another leatherworker, I would level up a different class character as a leatherworker.
Also, it was rather tedious leveling both hunters, and getting them basic decent gear with gems and enchants. I do not want to do this again.
My other level 85 hunter, named Yaggle, I still play and enjoy. I am "adopting" some of Mourndarr's(deleted character) pets by re-taming and giving the same names. So in a way, at least in spirit, he is still with us, and RP-wise, the pets will still get plenty of food and exercise.
It is hard to let go but it is the only way to move on, improve, and be happy.

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