Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing some Wow again

I didn't like the Star Wars game so much so I activated my WoW account for another month. It was almost 6 months not played so I was confused a bit at first about my characters' abilities and such. Tried to do a few dailies with my warrior and went into my arms spec but forgot to switch out of defensive stance, so I had a shit-fit wondering where my Colussus smash has gone. Stuff like that, lol. I had purple 'singing war axe' or something like that from BC era that some transmorging dummy paid 9k for. Sold a blue pattern for 900g, somebody else was trying to get 6k for the same one. I could not imagine why anybody would pay 6k for a blue pattern this late into Cata. The fact they are going to give away Diablo 3 with a 1-year commitment to Wow had something to do with my decision. I am not sure if I want Diablo 3, but, it got me thinking about Wow a little bit and I was bored. I made a troll druid for no sensible reason and got high enough to get cat form(lvl 8). But I already have an 85 druid so I doubt I will stick with that. Basically just kinda slumming.

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