Thursday, March 24, 2011

I feel really stupid

I got caught up in the RIFT hype. I guess I want a new,exciting MMO so badly that I jumped off a cliff. I read all the hype about Rift, looked at their website, and it looked really cool. I watched a couple of YOUTUBE videos, and it looked even cooler. So I bought it and even paid the extra 10 bucks for the bigger bag, riding turtle, and pet because I was so sure I had found my new game. Well, my computer cannot handle it unless I put the game at the minimum settings. It just, well, it's playable, but it's not more awesome than Wow when it looks like that. It just doesn't look like I wanted it to look. I like Rift, I think it's a good game. But I don't really think it's better than Wow, just different. And if I could play it at high graphics settings, I might have gotten sucked in. Instead, 60 bucks got sucked out of me.
I went to the Indian Casino here in Tucson(there are 4 in or near town actually) today and won about $570, which, sure, takes some sting out of it. But I have been gambling since I was about 20 and I have learned a few things, one of them is that, the $570 and the $60 actually have nothing to do with each other, and 60 bucks is 60 bucks, whether or not I won money today. Also, gambling isn't actually a smart thing to do, so I basically did one stupid thing after I did another stupid thing. Just because I won doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing. Realistically, I never should have blown that 60, nor went to the casino. My bad spending habit is a catalyst for my gambling habit. I need to be more careful about impulse buys such as RIFT. My account is already cancelled and I only played it for 2 or 3 days. I guess it was actually TRION's(publisher of RIFT) lucky day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get rid of resilience

Resilience is a terrible stat in World of Warcraft. People with more resilience on their gear have an advantage in pvp over people who don't. People who raid do not get resilience on their gear because the tank gets protection against crits through other stats, and everybody else does not need it, so they want gear with other stats instead. What resilience really does is make it so people with pvp gear are better at pvp but worse at raiding, and people with non-resilience gear are better at raiding but worse at pvp, at least as far as their gear goes. Their actual experience with either raiding or pvp already makes them better at whatever they usually do.
My point is that you should be able to get good gear doing pvp, and be able to take that gear to a raid, and that gear serve you well in the raid, as well as good gear gotten from raiding should help you when you go to do pvp. You earned that good gear, it should be good for both things. If somebody geared up doing raids and now they are in your battlegrounds, why should it bother you? You usually do pvp so you already are better than them. And vice-versa. And adding another stat for no good reason is annoying and wasteful. Get rid of resilience.
I almost said we should get rid of hit rating also, but, there may be balance issues there. Maybe you don't want the balance druid to be able to heal as well as the resto druid, well the balance druid can't, because he geared for hit rating instead of intellect, spirit, or spell power. Maybe there are issues for other classes as well, so I won't go there on hit rating. But resilience just places limits on players so they are only geared to do what they usually do. And I think that's stupid.

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