Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seduced by Death (Knights)

I have been playing a Death Knight. And the fact is, I am totally against Death Knights. They are a fraudulent class in World of Warcraft. A player never has to play the character up to level 55, then gets a free epic land mount which, in original World of Warcraft, was a very difficult months-long ordeal to obtain(financially). Death Knights are overpowered. They solo extraordinarily well, and can also DPS and tank well. Basically, they are candy. I avoided playing one for all these reasons, but now I find myself seduced to the dark side like so many other people. It is nothing to brag about that I resisted for this long, since the end result is the same.
The only thing I can say, is that, well there is that poster that says "Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely. It also rocks absolutely." I think that about sums it up. Using Death Grip on a giant or a Clefthoof and watching that thing fly through the air, and then you kill it, what a rush! I cannot help myself. It's a similar feeling as playing a hunter level 10-60. You know you've got it too good, but who's the fool? Somebody's going to be overpowered, and that somebody is me. You cannot understand the power of the dark side! Also I love the ghoul. I love the sound he makes right before he jumps through the air and lands behind my target. That ghoul is more crazy than I am!
I'm seriously thinking about ditching my warrior. It's so totally wrong, because he's not fraudulent, he's not candy, and he took a lot of work levelling. But I'm corrupted absolutely, I fear; and there may be no going back. I say, "WHOSE HOUSE? YAGGLE'S HOUSE!!!!!!".

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  1. Update: Level 75 Death Knight Deleted.
    Yaggle is my warrior.
    Delete Yaggle? WTF was I thinking?
    Death Knights are FAKE!


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