Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't quit

I am trying to quit playing World of Warcraft but there is a road-block. This road block is "unfinished business". I still have not done all the quests in Northrend. I finished Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, and Dragonblight, and have done most of Storm Peaks. I have done a healthy chunk of the others. However, some of the quests are darned good. Not all of them, but, well, it's just unfinished business. I never got fishing or cooking to 450 with any characters. I have some level 80 purple items in the bank I got cheap on the AH and they have been sitting in the bank waiting for me to level my alts up. Those purples happen to be on my other character from my previous server, who I was planning on transferring over. UNFINISHED BUSINESS.
I am still using imbued netherweave bags on all my characters. My tailor is one of my alts and almost has tailoring high enough to make frostweave bags. I have a total of about 6k on all my characters so I will be ready to get epic flight and cold weather flying as soon as one of my alts hits 77 (I have a lvl 80, a lvl 75, 2 level 74s, and a lvl 71). Quitting would not be a clean break. It would be like moving into a new apartment and leaving piles of rotting garbage in the old one. I want to do other things with my time, most of the time, and want to get out more, but darnit, some of the time I know very well that I want to keep playing this methamphetamine game and finish my quests, make my bags, equip my purples, get the proper enchants on them, and then, well, what then? Would I feel better about quitting? Or would I still feel that things were not finished? Is my perception clouded by obsessive-compulsive disorder, or is wanting to finish things up a healthy trait that will serve me well? I'm not angry about this, I just feel like one of those people in the movies who is caught in a time paradox where they keep doing the same thing but they cannot escape.
I feel that some irrational behavior is worthwhile. There are some experiences which although destructive or wasteful, are worthwhile life experiences because they are unique and of high quality. The memories of these experiences outweighs their negative aspects and those memories will bring happiness for a lifetime. Perhaps World of Warcraft is one of those experiences.


  1. Well, I did quit. Have not played for over a month. I think withdrawals are almost over but I do think about my 2 characters that still need levelling quite a bit, as well as my Wyrmrest Accord faction that was sitting at Revered about 25% to exalted. Quitting is hard.

  2. OK, I un-quit. I can always re-quit, right? I was on vacation and got bored, so decided to finish some things that had been bugging me that I had not finished, such as getting my druid and warrior level 80, and getting Diplomat achievement(don't ask, I have no rational answer why). Mostly I was bored and didn't have a lot of money to spend so I decided to play another month of WoW. Yeah, I feel pretty lame about it. I feel like I started smoking again(even though I never smoked).


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