Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Evil Druid

I am down to 2 characters. I will skip the explanation of why. Other than my hunter, the only other class I had felt like playing for months was my druid. So I destroyed Yaggle the warrior, and namechanged my druid to Yaggle. (by the way my other character is a lvl 80 hunter named Mourndarr). Now, it's hard to imagine a big fuzzy white cow druid being evil. And really, good and evil are relative and highly subjective terms anyways, right? Alls I know, he's wearing a black tabard with a skulls border and a big claw in the middle, and on top of that, with the druid pauldrons with big horns sticking out of the, he doesn't look like a friendly flower-picking friend of the squirrels.
I will always be temped to make more characters. But I have to remember my lessons of the past. My shaman with epic flight, my warrior with the hyacinth maccaw. All that money and time down the drain because I could not control my character creation urges. Wait, did I hear something about trolls being able to be warlocks? I'm listening....................................

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  1. So trolls still won't be able to be warlocks in Cataclysm, but they will be able to be druids. I'm really not sure about this! I wonder what the new "hero" class will be that Blizzard has said will happen in the future. Most people think it will be some sort of new healer class. I also think that death knights should get an abomination pet that can self-destruct for massive AoE damage. But what the hell do I know! Blizzard never listens to me.


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