Saturday, October 30, 2010

Civ 5 and Rock Band 3

I'm pretty happy lately because 2 of the best games ever just came out: First Civlization 5 and then Rock Band 3. In particular, I recommend anybody who has not played Civilization games to try Civilization 5. Especially if you are a heavy thinker and planner and love to create something and make it better, this game is wonderful. I love the way it plays, the way it looks, the way it sounds, even the way I imagine it smells (like Thanksgiving dinner with a strong pot of coffee brewing and pumpkin pie that just came out of the oven). It's really THAT GOOD. And with Rock Band 3 out now also, to get up and do something else in between Civ 5 games, life could not be any better!
World of WHAT-craft? Who cares!


  1. I bought Civ 5 and suffered through all the bugs. Played it for 42 hours and loved it but it's just a huge collection of bugs. Sometimes I could not end my turn. I had millions of crashes. Save games where it always crashes in the same turn. You cannot load a save game if you change the graphic settings in between. It's about the worst piece of software I've ever seen. And one of the greatest games... :-(

    What I found really interesting was after the recent patch to WoW. The whole server was complaining about all the bugs. And I was, once again, amazed at how stable and good WoW is running. Even after a major patch it's still 1000 times better then my Civ 5 experience. :)

    (Yesterday I've noticed that there was a patch on Steam for Civ 5 and I could finally finish one of my save games. There is hope that this patch really fixed the bugs. :)

  2. I have to admit, it is buggy. I had a few lockups and times I could not finish my turn. I am still not sure how to bypass the intro movie until about halfway through it, although it may be possible and I am overlooking the obvious.

  3. > I am still not sure how to
    > bypass the intro movie until
    > about halfway through it

    Here it is:


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