Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow movies

Well soon after creating a YouTube channel, I found out I had this nifty program included with Windows called "Windows Movie Maker". So I purchased FRAPS and decided to make some Wow movies. The first two were very simple not very interesting movies. But then I decided to make a movie with a script and some voice-over. Well, it turns out this is a very big pain in the ass. My lvl warrior got killed by lions or bears about 10 times just trying to get one small video clip in a high level zone. Then I had a short action sequence that for some reason unknown to me, wasn't saving the video on my hard drive. When I finally got the shot, I had forgotten to make my UI invisible. So this little project is now going on 2 days just to make this short little video(my 3rd). Anyways that's my little project I am working on now. I'm not giving up because I am sick of Wow honestly and I need a hobby. Also yes I am playing Starcraft II like everybody else. I bought it today, installed it and played the first mission. Tomorrow hopefully will have time to work on my video some more and play through some more interesting Starcraft II missions.

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  1. Well, what has happened here is I am not playing WoW at the moment and thus no WoW movies. I broke out my ipod camcorder and made a few other videos and put them on my youtube channel but I just don't know about WoW right now. I'm sorta down on videogames lately, although I did play and finish Silent Hill: Shattered Memories last week. It's an excellent game except for the nightmare chase sequences(about the most frustrating thing in a video game I can ever remember). Anyways, if I play Cataclysm(probably will) I will make some more movies above and beyond the 2 very basic ones I made so far. One was of me killing a silver dragon mob and dancing, the other one was me going around Dalaran with gnomish X-ray goggles on and looking at naked dranei and blood elf ladies. God bless the gnomes!


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