Thursday, June 9, 2011

New computer!

Eh. I'm building my own computer for the first time. Reason I say "Eh." is that right now I have an empty computer case, power supply, motherboard, 8GB memory, and a video card in a box sitting on my 2 sofas in my living room. I'm using the hard drives and DVDRW from this one(computer). And I'm just tired and irritated from working too much lately so I don't feel like dealing with it. I am super-excited, though, also, just got to get in the right mood to do the job and get it up and running. I think I have everything I need, and I made preliminary inspection of the parts, I do believe I ordered correctly and everything is going to snap into place and work just fine.
I'm only slightly annoyed that after buying the things, newegg made a "build your own computer sale" and the price of the memory and oem windows 7 went down, but I did get a good price on the AMD Phenom II quad-core ($120) and gtx460 video card($150). Other prices I paid was only $50 for the case, $78 for the memory, $65 for the power supply, $80 for the motherboard. Oh yeah and $100 for Windows 7. Everything was no tax and free shipping except the motherboard, paid 7 or 8 bucks to ship that.
I still owe a lot on my credit cards that I am trying to pay off, so that is the reason I am being cheap with how much I spend on it and building it myself. Also I worked a couple extra days the past few weeks, and I paid 2 years at a time last June for my car registration, and get 5 paydays this month, so this seemed to me like the month to do this. Hopefully in a few days I will post a reply to this saying that I love it so much, etc.....


  1. > Hopefully in a few days I will post a reply to
    > this saying that I love it so much, etc.....

    So? :)

  2. Ah yeah :) Sorry it took me so long to say. There was a delay because I made a mistake on the DVD RW drive. I did not realize they are all SATA now. So I put it together then could not put the DVD drive in. I ordered another one for about 20 bucks, then finished putting it together. The only problem was actually pretty funny. I used my hard drive from the last computer, well when I turned the new computer on, it actually boots up, and the Windows XP that was on the last computer starts recognizing all the new devices(the entire computer) and re-configuring! I kind of laughed and re-booted from CD/DVD and it started up and recognized everything right away! Yes, I love it so much! I got a new 27.5" monitor, the 24" Sceptre I got about a year ago was a piece of garbage so not only Wow and Civ 5 play better but look way better too! I am very surprised there were no real problems, at least with drivers or anything. Sorry Kring, I forgot there was anybody here lol.

  3. What resolution does your 27" screen have?

  4. It's one of those Hanns-G monitors with 1920x1200. The picture was a lot better than I expected from a mediocre brand name. I had suspected I would like it a lot more because when I went to the 1900x1080 about a year ago, it felt odd, like I wanted to be able to see more up/down. When I play Wow now, it feels like the sky is opened back up.
    It's certainly not as nice as those 27" imac monitors though. I know a Frito-Lay vendor at work who just got one so I get to go over there on the 11th and log onto wow over there and see what that looks like. I'm hoping it doesn't blow my mind so much that my own setup seems bland but we will see. I keep telling him to get Civ 5 but he hasn't bit yet.


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