Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay by the minute

Blizzard should stop charging by the month and start charging by the minute. Somebody who plays 4-5 hours a day, does their stuff, and logs out, will pay around 15 bucks a month. Somebody in China who runs the account 24/7 with farmers/bots will pay 5 times as much since they are online on that account 5 times as many hours. Somebody married with children who can only play 2 hours a day will pay less than $10/month. Also, the more time Wow is down for maintenance and patches, the less money they make. So they will hurry and get things up again. Players will think before going afk and making everybody else wait for them, which they won't, since they are paying by the minute, too.

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  1. Or they should just stop charging a monthly fee for nothing. It's not like running those servers costs a fortune and the last time I've checked neither the game nor the add-ons weren't free.


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