Friday, January 13, 2012

That Star Wars game

I just downloaded the Star Wars MMO. Took about 12 hours, ugh. I made a Republic Smuggler and played to level 4. I like it so far but I wish it was a little more sandbox, though maybe at higher levels it will be. So far, it's run here, run there, run back, run here, run there. And kill weak mobs, loot them for near-worthless stuff. I think I'd rather be in Durotar skinning boars and looting boar meat. But you can't really judge just by 4 levels. There was a female NPC who was coming on to me too hard so I rejected her. Maybe it was a possible companion NPC, maybe not. Like any new MMO, it feels awkward at first.. My character's race is some sort of green people, not sure what that is or if it matters.

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