Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playing alliance

Well after four months of not playing, I decided to try something new and level an alliance character. Actually I did play in between there when Blizzard gave me some free playing time for some unknown reason. But anyways, now I am paying. It's a lot cheaper than playing slot machines at the local Indian casino, anyways. But I decided to try an alliance character on the same server that somebody at work plays on. We might have something to talk about to pass time at work, at least.
So I made a dranei warrior, since I liked their racial abilities and how they went with warrior (added hit rating, and a heal over time spell). The server seems to be old and the prices on the auction house are ridiculously high, which is perfect for starting your first character on a server. I get 1 gold or more for stacks of light leather, peacebloom, silverleaf, and at least 8 gold for stacks of briarthorn, stranglekelp, mageroyal. Medium leather is about 4 gold per stack. So it's a pretty good life for a new dranei warrior and I know I will have fun re-learning the quests and flight paths. I have never been over level 65 as alliance so the high level stuff will be especially interesting.
My goals for now with this character are to level quickly but also to make money well so I get epic flying the sooner the better. I do not want to be doing the quests in Storm Peaks on a slow flyer. If I can get epic flying by the time I first go to Northrend, that much the better. I am anxious to see the alliance equivalent of Wrathgate and events leading up to it. It's hard to imagine it being better than helping the forsaken develop a poison and Al-Qaeda the whole peace process, but at least I'll get to see the other side of things first-hand(instead of youtube).
A secondary goal for me is to keep this thing time-efficient, which means not creating a bunch of alts. If I need my things enchanted, I need to hire an enchanter or buy enchant scrolls from the auction house. My next character I make on this server should wait until worgen are available. I don't want to turn this fun little project into an obsessive-compulsive disaster that takes over my life. Currently Mysharra (Whisperwind, U.S.) is level 23 and sitting in Astrannar, wondering why there are tigers walking around inside the inn. Night elves are strange.


  1. They all come back :)

    Are you tanking in the LFD? Or leveling by just questing?

  2. @Kring:
    Just questing. The only thing I do with old-world dungeons any more is farm mageweave and runecloth out of them. I have a feeling my friend at work though may be surreptuously plotting to drag me into some dungeons, we'll see.

  3. Well...........obviously I have not followed through on this little project. After I got to level 30, I was kind of missing horde side. And my friend at work decided to transfer to another server and play horde. So my poor level 30 dranei warrior was abandoned(and is still waiting in Stormwind forever).
    I rolled a new hunter on that new server(Duskwood-U.S.) and levelled to 80, had a great time and now am taking a little break. That character's name is Snuffmuffin btw (yeah I know I'm strange). Right now I just heard that now you can be a troll warlock after the expansion breaks (DID I CALL IT OR WHAT DUDE ?!?!?). So that's probably what I'll be playing instead of rolling a goblin or worgen (worgen yech).


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