Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Hero Class - Dragon Master

I'm calling out the new hero class in World of Warcraft. It will be Dragon Master/Dragon Tamer/Drake Master - something like that. I successfully predicted an evil plate class long before death knights were announced. But this is much more of a reach. I have thought about what is missing from the current classes, and honestly, I don't think much of anything is missing. That is why I believe the next hero class will be something very different such as this. I believe it will be a leather or mail wearing class which can tame summon dragonkin pets for combat purposes and will have an assortment of buffs for their pet or party as well as some damage spells.
Why dragon master, you ask? Well, at the risk of being completely nerdy, I'll say that most everybody loves dragons. We need a leather class since right now we only have druids and rogues. We need spells over melee since the last hero class was melee. Other possibilities I were some new type of druid class or a cloth caster such as an illusionist or Oracle(healer/dps hybrid). But would either of these be as cool as a dragon master? Would you like to go out and tame dragonkin the way a hunter tames beasts? Would you like to have interesting buff and dps spells like a druid? I think it sounds really awesome. And I think Blizzard knows awesome pretty well.

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  1. Or you could play a dragon yourself. :)

    I still hope that oozling become a playable race. They are just plain hot.


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