Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taming "The Beast"

Aside from my new alliance warrior starlet I made recently, I still play my hordie hunter and druid a little bit. Basically, I log each of them on every day and do the Dalaran cooking and Troll Patrol dailies for some quick easy money. Sometimes then I send the druid to do the 3 easiest KOTEB dailies since some cloth drops on that one and he is a tailor. And sometimes then I send my hunter to do the 4 easiest SOH dailies since that is easy borean leather from skinning the jorgumar(yeah probably spelled that wrong). But ANYWAYS.............. I have had this thing with my hunter wanting the red core-hound pet from Upper Blackrock Spire known as "The Beast". Not only because it is a good-looking pet that most people do not bother to tame(because it is a pain in the ass), but if you tame "The Beast", your pet afterwards will always show as "Level ???(Boss)" and a skull next to its picture instead of its level number. On top of that, I have read that it is a huge pain to tame but barely possible (Otherwise known as a CHALLENGE!). So I accepted this challenge a couple months ago and failed. I bought many haste potions in the auction house and spent about 3 hours there trying and either dying or feigning death until my haste potions, food, drink, and healing potions were all used up and I had a 80g repair bill. (When you are 80% done with your tame and down to 3k health you do not FD, you stick with it and probably die).
So a few days ago I decided I had not given up, I was just resting for 2 months. I bought more haste potions, some haste elixirs, made some haste food, bought 2 haste rings in the auction house, some haste boots, and re-gemmed 3 of my gem-slots to pure haste. I went back there and after 11 attempts, MINE ALL MINE. I still need a name for him(started with "Dogar" but already wish I didn't) and I am meandering between something fearsome such as "Angelslayer" and something silly "Bunnymuffins". A guy at work suggested "DickCheney" and I laughed pretty hard, however won't do that. But yes now I have to get him to level 80 and yes because of the difficulty I had getting him, I am a very happy camper to have him! I won't make another annoying rant on the exact best method to tame him, but as you read above, don't be cheap and do it half-ass. Spend the money and get all the haste you can get before you do it. And yeah, I know a green or white core-hound works just as well. You have your purple pixels and I have my dog-on-fire.

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  1. Well, my pet is no longer very special. It no longer is tagged as "Boss level ???" or has the skull next to its picture. In fact you can easily tame a flaming core hound now outdoors at Mt. Hyjal. I dumped him and got another grey spotted cat and named her Phoebe which was one of my original pets I had for a very long time. Now that we(hunters) can have 25 pets in our stable, I am going to try to keep it down to 5. I have 2 level 83 hunters and the way I see it, if 10 pets is not enough, I have a problem. We'll see how long this lasts.


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