Saturday, July 30, 2011

100k club

I know there is no official or unofficial 100k gold club. But for me, it's a big deal. I think when I started Cataclysm I had around 12k gold or so. And that was pretty much gone right off the bat buying all my characters the fast mount flying speed for 4k each. I am thinking something that maybe is the reason that people who get to 100k keep on going to 250k or higher. And that is, 100k is basically 3 high level epics off the auction house. So it doesn't seem like a huge amount really. I still have 200 pyrite ore in the bank so I am thinking I will let my sub run out, then wait to see if pyrite can be prospected for epic gems at some point later, then maybe play some more. Right now I have 15 days left on my account and I am trying to finish firelands dailies for 3 characters. Honestly, that was fun for awhile but now I hate doing them. Also I have a gnome warlock, am trying to get the ram epic mount so I log him on every day and do Ironforge fishing and cooking daily. That's the plan, Stan.

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  1. I guess I did not specifically say this, yes I hit 100k. Then I decided to buy my hunter(Yaggle) a couple of purples on the AH. I will be back over 100k no problem before my subscription runs out in 11 days. I should be able to get my 3 85s all done with Firelands dailies by then also. My warrior(Mysharra) only has 3 more days of them, thank goodness! Then I think I will take some time to play some other stuff.


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