Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I sell bags

I read a lot of gold-making blogs. And by far the most common ways that the best gold-makers use to make gold seem to be jewelcrafting and inscription. Well, I don't do either one of those things. My main income is from selling bags, mostly embersilk but also some abyssal bags. I do sell some enchanting materials and other odd-and-end stuff, but bags is my main thing. And specifically I would say an average profit of only about 500g a day.
The obvious question is, "Why? Why make 500g a day when you could make more doing something else?". First of all, I am fitting in where needed. Before I started, embersilk bags were going for over 400g each on my server. When I take a couple of days off, the price goes back up to that. Well, I think that sucks. In fact, I will say, in my opinion, that is a sign of a weak side faction(in my case horde). Especially where bags are concerned, this is a disadvantage across the board. When bags are too expensive, less people buy them, less people have them. Then less people can carry as much, and profit as much selling their junk, because they have to delete things that won't fit, or make more trips to vendors. If your faction is strong, the bags are affordable, and many players have high-capacity bags. So, I feel this is my niche, not one of self-sacrifice, I mind you. I am happy with the amount of money I make, and I feel I contribute in general to people having more money in the future, which hopefully they will spend on something I am selling (Who knows?). By the way, I'm up to 50k now, still got 30-something truegold and about 300 stacks of pyrite ore waiting to be sold as well. 100k here I come!

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  1. Been having a lot of price wars selling embersilk bags horde-side. I sell them for a buyout of 325g for awhile now. I do pretty well but I seem to have a pretty regular problem with people buying me out and trying to re-sell them for 400g or higher. Then I keep making more, and keep selling more, and the person re-selling gives up after awhile, but probably eventually does sell them further down the road when I get tired of making bags. It doesn't bother me since they are buying what I am selling. But I feel a strange obligation to keep making more so that people can get low-priced bags. I'm a bit of a socialist I guess, I believe that people should be able to afford the basics.


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