Friday, July 1, 2011

Gold #2

Well 4.2 came out, and truegold prices have hardly gone up at all so far, I guess since players cannot make the new blacksmithing recipes yet. But first thing I noticed was that players were actually asking in trade if anybody was selling lesser or greater celestial essences. I put up a stack(10) for a 900g buyout, and it sold really fast, so I put up 2 more, and they sold really fast. So I put up 10 individually for 150g each, and they sold too, albeit more slowly. Well, I am almost out of them, so I will leave that market alone and build up my stash again for when I actually need to do some enchants myself. I sold more bags, and actually sold some stacks of pyrite at 150g each. I have almost 300 stacks in the bank now so I am relieved to get rid of them. They may be selling for 200g or more later, but I don't REALLY want to be sitting on 300 stacks. I am back up to 33k gold and I have 31 truegold also in bank, so doing much better now. Probably I will slow down on gold making and just work on those pesky little hyjal dailies now to get some easy purples. I may do them with all 3 lvl 85's if I can handle it emotionally, we will see. It's a little annoying everybody trying to do them at the same time.

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